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We have a highly specialised focus on sheep, beef and deer veterinary care and management advice.  We aim to provide clients with a preventative medicine approach to their production system in order to improve efficiency and exceed their production goals.  For example, we offer BVD consultation and control plans and body condition scoring or training. 

We can help with creating annual animal health plans tailored for your farm system and provide routine services, including:

  • Bull & ram semen evaluation
  • Ram breeding soundness examination
  • Vasectomy surgery (teasers)
  • Cow pregnancy scanning (including early aging)
  • Deer velveting & TB testing
  • Trace element monitoring
  • Faecal egg count monitoring and reduction testing

Kate Southey is our dedicated retail sales representative offering advice and information on a wide range of retail products including, drench, vaccines and trace element supplements.  Stop in for a visit or schedule for an on-farm consultation to determine what products will benefit your farm system.

We also provide comprehensive veterinary care and advice in the event of “things gone wrong”, including, ill thrift, sudden death, and abortion investigation.  Our veterinary team is highly skilled in a wide range of procedures and services in order to best provide comprehensive service to our clients.


24/7 Emergency Care

We offer around the clock veterinary care with a full after-hours service.

Wound and Injury Management

Physical examinations, diagnosis and treatment plans.

Animal Health Programmes

Individually tailored health plans for your specific farm situation.

Diagnostic Imagery

X-Ray, Ultrasound, & Endoscopy to diagnose injuries and illness accurately.

Surgical Services

General, Orthopaedic, Soft Tissue and Emergency. Including caesareans, claw removal, dentistry etc.

Lab Testing

In house lab for fast on-site diagnosis. Facial eczema spore count monitoring, FEC's, Nitrates, Blood Tests etc

Genetics and Reproduction Services

Artificial insemination, embryo  transplants, semen collection and ultrasound pregnancy testing.

Disease Management and Vaccinations

Retail Shop

The Vet Clinic retail shop has a large range of animal health products.

Parasite Management Programmes

Vet Technician Services

Disbudding, Teatsealing, Velveting, and Hoof Trimming Services

Working Dog Services

Annual Dog Run with on-farm consultation and vaccinations.

Trusted care for all companions


Working Dogs