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Working Dogs

Working dogs are a large part of The Vet Clinic canine patients. We understand the valuable role and expectations placed on your working team and our experienced team of veterinarians and vet nurses are dedicated to providing your dogs with excellent and trusted care so that they can return to work, in their best conditions in a timely manner.

Our Working Dog Services at a Quick Glance:

The Vet Clinic Wairarapa offer an annual dog run to our working dog clients. This consists of a yearly on-farm consultation with a vet and vet nurse, who will give your dogs a comprehensive health check, vaccinations and a clinical examination.

We have a strong emphasis on continuing education, so while on site, our experienced team can check your farm’s kennels, provide nutritional advice and set you up with a worm and parasite management plans to help with the overall health of your four-legged team.

The most common reason working dogs visit our clinics is for treatment of a traumatic injury. Dog fights, kicks or trampling by cattle, vehicle injuries, or getting caught in fences or gates are the leading causes.

Other health issues that affect all dogs also need to be kept in mind are heat stress (especially young dogs working on a very hot day), reproductive issues (whelping, infected uterus, mastitis), lumps and cancers, and poisonings (ratbait, slug bait, sheep dip).

Our shops stock a large range of premium pet foods, shampoos, nutritional supplements, flea and worm products as well as a host of other pet necessities.



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