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The Vet Clinic Wairarapa has been an absolute leader in veterinary services to the deer industry, ever since the establishment of commercial deer farming in New Zealand just thirty years ago.

With a number of vets with a keen interest in deer, we have maintained in close working contact with our local deer farmers through the recent highs and lows of deer farming.

Our Deer Services at a Quick Glance:

Our vets are involved in investigating and solving issues such as lungworm and suitable anthelmintic drenches, appropriate tuberculosis testing systems, allergic reactions in stags to sedatives, and new deer diseases such as Yersiniosis, Leptospirosis and Malignant Catarrhal Fever.

In recent times, as deer farming has grown to become a main-stream pastoral industry, veterinary deer work has moved to large volume hands-on work such as TB-testing and pregnancy scanning, as well as a more proactive approach to preventative medicine and consultancy.

Our vets not only attend regular deer vet and deer farming conferences, but over the years have also regularly addressed those conferences.

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