Farm & Lifestyle

Lifestyle Farmers

The team at The Vet Clinic Wairarapa are committed to assisting with lifestyle farmers with preventative care to maximise their animal’s health and welfare. We offer a wide range of services, products and equipment to your “life on the farm” more enjoyable.

Our Lifestyle Services at a Quick Glance:


Medical and surgical treatments as required including orthopaedics, ultrasound, pregnancy diagnosis using the latest equipment available, general management advice including breeding programmes.


Castration, vaccinations and general medicine.


Calf dis-budding and castration with appropriate pain relief, mature cattle dehorning, and castration.

Sheep & Goats

Castration, tailing, debudding and vaccination.

Poultry & Birds

Parasite management, vaccinations, preventative care, housing and medical treatment

Miniatures, Ponies and Horses

Lameness investigation, vaccinations, dentistry, diagnostic imagery, AI, feet trimming, medical care.

Equipment is available for hire including cow slings, hip clamps, drench guns etc. We offer a full range of products in small pack sizes suitable for small holding owners.

Trusted care for all companions