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The silent sufferer – Sharné Boys

As vets and as owners we are very aware of osteoarthritis (OA) in dogs. However, recognition of this condition in cats is often a lot later in the piece than in their canine counterparts. In recent years we have hugely improved in our diagnosis and subsequent treatment of OA and we have also recognized that…


Rat Bait Poisoning – Vicki Gilchrist

Rat bait (anti-coagulant rodenticide) is the most common poison eaten by dogs and it causes problems by preventing their blood from clotting. Symptoms begin 2-4 days after ingestion due to bleeding in different locations in the body. Dogs can bleed from anywhere but most commonly into their lungs, which causes a cough and then difficulty…


Urinary Tract Disorders – Neil Stuttle

Urinary tract disorders are very common in cats and dogs and are a regular part of our case load here at VSHB. The urinary tract system enables the production of urine to eliminate metabolic waste products, storage of urine and then the appropriate emptying of urine. The urinary tract itself is divided into the upper…


Thinking about purchasing a new working dog?

When you buy a working dog, you often find yourself looking in a hurry so you can get on with your day to day activities. Although you may be feeling pressure to purchase a new dog quickly, a little patience and time may save a lot of heart ache in the long run. During the…


What are the signs of heatstroke?

Dogs do not perspire the way humans do; in fact, the only sweat glands that they have are on the pads of their feet. Dogs pant to cool themselves. If the surrounding air is not considerably cooler than the animals’ body temperature – as in the case of a hot, stuffy automobile – the cooling…


Dogs in Hot Cars – New regulations

New regulations are in force meaning that if you leave your dog in a parked car and it is showing signs of heat distress you can receive a fine and a broken car window. Dogs quickly suffer and die in hot cars, so please leave your dogs at home. If you leave a dog in…


Retired Working Dogs

Retired Working Dogs NZ is a registered charity that works to find homes for working farm dogs if they are unable to work due to age, injury or have no interest in stock. Retired pig dogs and hunting dogs are also included! The charity started in Pahiatua in 2012 and has since grown to a…


Pet Insurance

Many people know the importance of insuring their items, their house or car, even their own health.  Fortunately we are also able to insure pets, for not only medical and surgical care but in some cases routine visits can be covered (including vaccinations and wellness checks/blood tests).  Like any insurance, the hope is that you…


white and gray cat


To be skinny despite continuously eating, is that not the dream for a lot of people? Unfortunately for our furry friends it can be a sign of something more sinister lurking beneath the surface – hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is a disease that we mostly see in cats over the age of 10, although it can happen…


white cat

High blood pressure in cats – the silent danger

Middle aged to older cats can suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension). It occurs when a cat’s arterial blood pressure is continually higher than normal. This can be the result of worsening renal function or hyperthyroidism (elevation in thyroid hormone) but mostly we just don’t know why it happens. High blood pressure can affect many…