Ultrasound Scanning


We have the correct ultrasound probe needed to be able to perform ultrasound examinations of mares, both to manage their cycles prior to insemination and also to ascertain pregnancy afterward. Our ultrasound machine is battery powered and very portable, so we can come to your property if you have adequate safe facilities to do the scanning (safe solid area for vet to stand behind horse plus someone to hold mare and scanner, or somewhere to out scanner safely, plus out of direct sunlight). Alternatively, we have lovely purpose built stocks at our Lincoln Road Practice in Masterton – use these and save on mileage!

We can also do the insemination, post insemination checks and flushing, twin management and other reproductive tasks.


We commonly perform ultrasound examinations to assess damage to tendons, ligaments and joints. This may be due to an obvious problem like a bowed tendon, or after a lameness workup where the area of interest has been determined.

Proximal suspensory desmitis is one such problem in the hind limb which outwardly looks normal but which causes a large amount of ongoing problems and is particularly common in the modern dressage horse.
Some high level performance horses also have routine scans of their flexor tendons to monitor ‘normal’ throughout the season.

Scanning can help us both diagnose problems, recommend appropriate therapy and recuperation time, plus provide some prognosis indicators. Once again, we can come to you or you can come to us.